July 23, 2007

K And The Puppy

I'm not a big fan of dogs. In fact, I'm afraid of dogs! In particularly those who come up to me eagerly and wanting to lick me, etc, I will run away and sometimes squeak when they come near me. I like dogs who don't like me enough to come onto me excitedly. Only then I will go up to them to stroke them, touch them.

Maybe when I was young, I didn't have much interaction with dogs, or even animals for that matter. Hee so as compared, I've totally no problems with carrying and dealing with children, infants, even newborns. That's because I was exposed to taking care of babies/kids when I was young. Brother was born when I was 7 years and I had to help mum take care. Mum also used to babysit other infants/kids and I became her handy assistant :p

Was out with J last week. She brought her daughter along. K is growing to be very cute and can interact with adults. Its the most fun age to be with :) For the first time, J allowed K to play with and touch dogs. My my... K was really excited that she wanted to kiss the puppy!

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