March 2, 2007

Building Up An Appetite!

Saw my gastro doctor for my 3rd review post-gastroscopy yesterday. Since my last visit 5 weeks ago, there were 1-2 episodes of me feeling bloated when I really didn't quite eat a lot. I usually cannot eat much when I wake up early in the morning. With a simple cereal (or biscuits) with coffee just before 7.30am, I will be hungry around 10-11am. Recently and strangely so, I can't eat too much for lunch too. With a bee hoon fish soup, I am filled. BUT by about 4pm, I will be hungry again! I just need to watch what I eat for dinner most times.... That's the problem of those with GERD - having to eat lesser in the evenings and drink less caffeinated drinks.

Nevertheless, my appetite has been building up and there are a few makan places that I would like to try out some time, hopefully soon! (in no order of perference)
6) Manhattan Fish Market (at The Central)

After I've been to those places above, I may blog about it. So watch out!

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