February 14, 2007

Love Story

I had wanted to post an entry of 1 Corinthians 13 but as I read an entry on Soul Femininity, I was moved by the story (true story).

Reading the story stirred up quite some emotions in me. Partly because I had just completed the sneak preview of a local drama "Making Miracles" on mobtv. I suppose I am particularly interested of the drama because of the place where I am working.

Larissa's story about Ian also reminded me that whatever future plans that I may have, I must not count on them but trust God completely to provide, to lead and to guide. Easier said than done though...

True love is present between Larissa and Ian. But God's love for us is far greater and unconditional. This Valentine's Day where everyone is talking about love, let it not just be restricted to the romantic type of love but a reminder for us to show acts of love for our loved ones and others whom we may not know, because God has called us to love His people, His created beings.

On a side note: To those who are married or have someone special, do treasure and cherish them. Show them DAILY (not just today) that you love them and appreciate them. To those who are single, don't fret. Be contented with the gift that God has given you for the moment - singleness. God knows when to exchange that gift with you for another gift at His time and by His will.

Nevertheless, Happy Valentine's Day everyone! =)

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