September 8, 2006

"My Dear"

My goose pimples rise and I cringe when people calls me "my dear" or "dear". I'm talking about people who are not close to me and calls me that. Especially you know that they call you by that name because they want a favour from you, or that they are trying to bridge the gap so that they can be closer to you to be friends with you, usually for their advantage only. You know that they don't really think that you are their "dear" but they are kinda of just using the term loosely. I find that this cheapens the word and the meaning of it as a term of endearment. My family don't even address me by "dear", although a couple of my closer friends do :) I cringe all the more when people whom I don't quite like calls me that. I just go eeeks! I don't want to be your "dear"!! Help!!.... And I really want to literally run away from them!!!

(Just as I am blogging this entry, one of them called me on the phone! But for this time, I'm not her "dear". Phew!)

2 other thoughts:

Carpe Diem - Phil 3:7-16 said...

It's not me is it? ;)

island said...

my dear... depends if you are in my 'close friends' category ;)

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