September 9, 2006

Good Heart

Went for a free cholesterol screening which my company offered to its employees and family members. Brought my parents and sister for the screening this morning.

We all took turns and had our fingers poked for the test. My test results:
TC - 183mg/dL (desirable- below 200, borderline - 200-239, high risk - above 240)
HDL - 66 mg/dL (desirable/optimal - above 60, borderline - 40-59, high risk - below 40)
LDL - N/A (desirable - below 100, near optimal - 100-129, borderline 130-159, high risk - above 60)
TGL - less than 45mg/dl (desirable - below 150, borderline - 150-199, high risk - above 200)

My cholesterol levels are excellent! Compared to my last screening done in March 2002, it has gone down to a better level. My TC was higher at 201mg/dL, LDL 126mg/dL, HDL 67mg/dL and TGL 39mg/dL. Today's results seem to show that my cholesterol levels have either maintained or improved. Before I got my results today (I was the last one in my family), I was told that my levels would be similar to theirs (generally in the good range but LDL and TGL levels were a little high especially for my parents). Surprisingly, my levels were
significantly better. I was exercising quite a bit from 2004 to late 2005. I have been rather slack since this year because I did not continue my gym membership. Exercise has since been almost nil. However I have began to take omega 3 fish oils for the last 8-9 months. I believe that helped a lot! My TGL level is so so low. (I'm not sure if my LDL level was undetectable because it was too low or it simply cannot register)

Hmm, I think the omega fish oils I'm taking really quite help. I took it because I know it helps for the health of my joint other than the heart. I have a lot of knee problems so other than glucosamine, I thought I will also take omega 3 oils. My knee is since better, cholesterol levels are good and my skin has become better too! For a few months, I have been having bad fat zits on my chin. Ever since taking omega oil, they have slowly cleared up! The zits have not been back since. The antiflammatory effects of omega has helped :)

Omega or not, stay healthy by eating a balance diet and exercise 3 times a week. Hmm.... am I saying this for myself or for you???

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