September 7, 2006

Missed Call

Was concentrating on my work in the office when my mobile rang. I let it ring for 2-3 times before I wanted to pick it up. I know that it is probably not someone I know very well as I have different ringing tunes for different groups of people. Before I could answer the call, the fella hung up. The number that I missed is unfamiliar to me. However, immediately I rang that same number back. This was our conversation:

Me: Hello, anyone called? (Don't know why I didn't mentioned my name)
Caller: Yes
Me: Who is this speaking?
Caller: You make a guess
Me: Erm.... E?
Caller: You make a guess. ....... ...... ......
Me: Sorry I can't hear you very well. You sound very 'echo-y'
Caller: Ok why don't you call me back again?
Me: Ok.

(Called the same number back)
Me: Hello, so who are you?
Caller: Make a guess
Me: Erm, I give up. I don't want to guess anymore (He kinda sounded like my former boyfriend from 10 years ago)
Caller: Ok let me ask you - if you are married or have a boyfriend right, you... ... then you will .... ... ... ... right? ("..." means I didn't catch what he said)
Me: Sorry I still can't hear you properly. Can you speak up louder and clearer?
Caller: If you are married or have a boyfriend right, you... ... then you will .... ... ... ... right?
(The above went on for a couple more times and I sensed something is wrong)
Me: (Sounding irritated) I still can't hear you. If you are not telling me who you are, I am not interested to talk to you.
Caller: You guess lah!
Me: Sorry I don't want to play anymore. I'm gonna hang up if you are not telling me who you are.
Caller: Ok, remember I met you last week and you ask me to call you?
Me: NO!
Caller: Remember I met you last week and you ask me to call you? I'm J.
Me: J? I don't recall. What is your surname?
Caller: You don't remember? Ok lah, when you remember me then you call me back.

This is irritating!! I hung up the phone, half wondering if it was a prank call or someone whom I really know. I figured that it probably was a prank call, or that he had called the wrong number. I mean... if its my friend, he would know if I am married or have a boyfriend?! Moreover I don't recall meeting anyone last week and asking him/her to call me. I don't have many people I know by the name of J. The few whom I can recall does not sound like that and certainly won't be so 'boh liao' (hokkien for 无聊; nonsense; bored) to do something like that. Even if it was my former boyfriend, he doesn't have my mobile number and certainly also not so 'boh liao'. If he is really someone I know, why don't he stop playing the guessing game and identify himself clearly?

I thought that prank calls are what only young punks will do. I recalled getting some when I was a teenager. I was doing a temp job during my school holidays and got to know some people. I think 1-2 of the guys gave my number to their guy friends to make prank calls to me to tease me. They are somewhat harmless but they will come across as trying to know me or express interest in me. I was not that naive to be taken in. Nothing came out of those conversations. Come to think about it, it was all so silly and childish!

The next time anyone who calls me, I won't be so kind to him if I sense he is a potential prank caller and refusing to acknowledge himself. What a waste of my time to entertain this caller today!!

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