September 9, 2006


I am probably a bit slow to become a "Winter Sonata" fan and addicted to watch the soapy drama series. Blame it on me that I went into a shop to check out the availability of the dvd series for a friend who would like to own it and watch it. But before I pass it to my friend, I thought I might as well enjoy the series first... to discover why this series caught the eyes and time of many who are crazy after BYJ and after this romantic lovey dovey soapy drama series.

In a bid of not to spoil the story for those who have not saw it, I shall not disclose too much here. In barely a week's time, I finished the 20 episodes in 6 discs. I teared less than I thought I would - about 4-5 times in total. I did not wail nor cry, only shed a few tears.... I must admit that the series is indeed rather dramatic but there are many sweet and touching moments. It is dramatic in the ways where the couple meet, separate, meet and separate again and again and again... It is sweet at the occasions when they went on dates, had fun, enjoyed each other's company and the simple words of love and appreciation they say.

The story is a bit unrealistic at some parts. Such love is also almost impossible. Yes it is sweet, romantic and warming. The kind of love portrayed is probably what many people are looking for but absent and so become suckers of romantic movies as such :p Yet I like it as it is a good break, different from the Hollywood and Singaporean type of drama/movies. It probably has to do with the cultural differences too. I probably have not heard a couple say so many "sorry"s and "thank you"s to each other. The way they relate is formal, respectful, yet personal, genuine, sincere and affectionate.

I love the sceneries in Winter. Makes me want to go Korea to experience winter myself. I like winter season too, however I have not been to a place which snows... Another thing I like about Winter is the songs and the instrumental pieces that was played. The music and songs were put in the right places to bring out the intended emotion and mood. I am humming the tunes now!

Here's one of the songs that has been played many times in the drama:

My memory

I remember very moment with you
I close my eyes
And see our memories together
You’re far away
Where I can’t even reach you
I didn’t even let you know how much I love you
I never thought this could happen
I never thought I could see you again

I never thought I’m still in love with you
I want to tell you
I will love you forever
If its not too late

Stay here with me forever
If I can’t see you again
I want to forget everything about you
Whenever I feel like laughing
Thoughts of you makes me cry even more
I can’t seem to do anything because of you

Every time I miss you, my heart breaks into pieces
I truly want to forget
No matter how hard I try I can’t forget you
I never knew how hard it is to love someone

Such a long time
You are always in my heart
Although the time passes
Although you're far away from me

You are still in my heart
I never thought this could happen
I never thought I could see you again

I’m still in love with you
Let me tell you
I wanna love you forever
If its not too late
Stay with me forever

My memory
I remember everything about that moment
I can remember the tiniest detail when I close my eyes
You're far away
Somewhere where I can't reach you
You didn't even say you loved me
Or tell me to wait for you

I didn't know that I'd meet you like this again
I never thought I still love you
I hope its not too late to tell you
I want to love you forever
If its not too late, stay with me forever

I don't think I have become a fan of BYJ like many aunties have. But I do agree that he does have some charm. I prefer his carefree smile than his cool and aloof smile. CJW has a sweet smile. Hmm... which is my next Korean drama?

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