August 10, 2006

Old Old Friend

We have not met for 4 years... Y's daughter is already 5 years old! W and I went to meet Y for dinner in the city. Thereafter I spent the night at Y's. The next day, Y and I had a girls' time out together since she has the day off. We had lunch and shopped around Paddington. One of Y's favourite hangout when she was a student was Paddington. Her favourite place is Sassazar's which she had brought me there the last time I visited her in 2002. This time, we went back there for lunch again.

We also walked around some shops in that area - antique house, flower shop/cafe, chocolate shop and shops which sells interesting assessories, homeware, jellewery, etc. It was a leisure time for the 2 of us to spent, before we did the homemaker thing - grocery shopping and picking up kid from school.

True old friends really don't change. They are always there in your life. But surely circumstances in life has moulded all of us. My only prayer is that Y and family will come to know Christ...

Flower Shop Cafe has fresh beautiful flowers and paintings of them

Food and shopping at Paddington

Leisure lunch and great weather!

2 other thoughts:

Anonymous said...

hey, hey, you look cheerful and happy. So, I'll assume you are flying up in the air with the present of W. Good.. good.. very happy. So, is that a confirmation of the state of your heart?

Miss ya!

Ps: W looks like his dad

Anonymous said...

Hi there, guess like the other person who commented, you must be flying high with W. I guess W is 'you-know-who'. must be in 7th Heaven. Nice place...nice food, nice friends and most of all nice W.

Anyway, enjoy and have lots & lots of FUN.

Colleague in SP Building

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