August 15, 2006

4th Trip to Sydney

Its more than half way through my holiday... I spent the weekend in Sydney meeting up with many people.

This isn't my first trip to the most crowded city of Oz. But I always like to visit some places which I like in Sydney. A pity that I was
only there for 4 days and hence I could not go many places this time. However I was happy to have breathe the air and view the scenery at Coogee Beach and to be walking around in the city a couple of times. I love the cold air at beaches in winter Australia. I love walking in the streets of Sydney, being in the midst of the many office and shopping buildings that looks completely different from Singapore's Orchard Road and Shenton Way.

Blue skies and waters at Coogee Beach

In Sydney city, I couldn't help to snap photos which I have taken before. Sitting down at "Passionflower" having ice cream and waffles in the cool winter breeze and looking out to dusk at Darling Harbour... I am contented to just relax there the entire afternoon (I did not manage to do so :P) It was also a nice experience too, to be sipping hot chocolate from Lindt Chocolate Shop at Martin Place. This is the first and only Lindt Chocolate Shop in Australia. I was so tempted to buy loads of chocolate back. But thinking of how fattening it can be... and I can get Lindt chocolates off the shelves in Singapore anyway... so I didn't buy any.

Places in Sydney

The main reason why I went Sydney was to attend TWIST music conference. John Dickson spoke at the conference. I attended workshop electives which had to do with leading songs and singing. Although I think I didn't learn anything very new, I thought that it was a different experience to be hearing from a community of God's people from a different country. Unexpectedly, I got to meet a few other people who used to be attending my church in Singapore. It was a good time to catch up with them and mutually encouraging one another.

TWIST photos

Also got to meet up with W's friends in Sydney and catching up with DK, MH and the Fongs over dinner. For the 4 days, quality time was spent. God created us as relational beings. I am thankful for the time and fellowship I had in Sydney :)

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jrk902 said...

hi, thks for your note on our blog. yes, indeed we do have common friends. ocdeep is my (becky)'s sister-in-law - her little boy jon jon and our little elise are in fact just 2 weeks apart in age! vicky is my sis, and we do have quite a few friends at ARPC - do you know wei wei & chuan teck?

we love 'I Not Stupid Too' too. :) enjoyed the movie immensely on our flight back to S'pore in June.

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