August 8, 2006

I Love the Weather!

I don't mean the weather in Singapore. I mean the weather in Australia! Its winter time and where I am, its bright, sunny and breezy in the day and cold with shivers at night. Maybe I have been the cold-deprived Singaporean so I have always love winters in Aussieland. It was so nice to be walking around the vicinity where I am living, with the bright sun and cool/cold breeze. The air smells extremely fresh!

In the backyard where I live, there are many fruits and vegetables that are grown. Being a city dweller, I derived cheap thrill from plucking the fresh fruits off the tree/plant and eating those that I picked from the garden. I admit I don't have green fingers. I doubt I can ever grow such a garden. But its really nice to be able to reap from the 'harvest' without growing them myself :P There are pomelo, cherry tomato, guava, papaya, snow peas, passion fruit, lemon, lime, chako (I have never seen nor eaten such vegetable. Its like some gourd and usually stir fried with other vegetables) and all other vegetables that I don't know the names of :P

And here is a collage of some food I have been eating for the last few days.... Eating out here is more expensive than Singapore...

Shall update more another time! :)

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