August 23, 2006

The Last..... Tears....

No 1: The Last Meal
Spent most of my past 2 weeks in Brissie. Auntie gave thanks to God for the lunch that she prepared before we enjoyed it together. This was 2 hours before my scheduled departure flight. She gave thanks for me being able to be spending time over there to know the family, friends and him. She prayed for journey mercies for me. Simple content, simple words by a simple her over a simple meal... I found my nose to be slightly sniffing and holding back the water that began to wet my contact lenses. I am also filled with thankfulness for the opportunity and time that I am able to spend there. Uncle and auntie have shown me great love and hospitality. Their humility and love has touched me.

No 2: The Last Look
I looked out of the window as the Boeing 777 was reversing from gate 82. I was sure that I was not thinking much in my mind... I do not even remember what I was thinking about. For some reason, my eyes were wet once again. Sniffing away, I held most of it back as I was a little embarrassed and mindful, in case the passenger beside me realised what was happening to me... No words, no reasons and not feeling any particular emotion. I only know that I was wiping the drops off my face.

No 3: The Last Movie
Channel-surfed the many choices made available to me on the flight. I watched 3 movies at the same time, switching from one to another every few minutes. After they were completed, I watched the last 3/4 of the Singapore-made movie "I Not Stupid Too" as I was snacking and served dinner.
When was the last time you praised someone? When was the last time someone praised you?” These two questions set the audience thinking at the start of Jack Neo’s latest film, I Not Stupid Too.

I Not Stupid Too is a comedy that probes into the difficult relationships parents have with their children. Like its predecessor, I Not Stupid Too is set in fast-paced Singapore, with the world seen through the eyes of Jerry, Tom’s brother and the baby of the family. Although their family is considerably wealthy, the brothers often face immense pressures from school and their parents, played by Jack Neo and Xiang Yun. On the other side of the spectrum, we also have Cheng Cai who is often misunderstood and has an abusive father who does not know how to express his love and concern for his son.

The movie strikes a chord as it showcases how parents often only see and focus on their children’s weaknesses, albeit with good intentions of wanting them to be the best they can be. However, many a times, parents lose focus and often forget that praise itself is a form of fuel to propel improvements. Such is the case in the movie as Mr Fu, a conservative Mother Tongue teacher, only began to worm his way into his students’ hearts after he began to focus on their positive side and more importantly, starts dishing out the praises.

Jack Neo still relies heavily on his successful model of directing whereby social issues and governmental policies in Singapore are all given their due exposure. Cast-wise, both Shawn Lee and Joshua Ang, who remain from the movie’s prequel, I Not Stupid, have grown up tremendously and matured after four years, clearly displaying depth to their acting. The introduction of 8-year-old Jerry, played by Ashley Leong, also adds another dimension to the movie. His innocence and naivety successfully splashes humour into the movie, lightening up the sometimes somber atmosphere.

Although some parts of the show were obviously done up to create tear-jerking moments but with cheeky animations and antics right after those moments, I Not Stupid Too had me burst out laughing even when my tears were still drying. Indeed, this is a commendable effort by Jack Neo that points to the clear lack of the showing of appreciation in our society today.
- from Nanyang Technological University Students' Union E-Tribune
For a 3rd and 4th time on the same day, the tear ducts of my eyes were working. There were a few touching moments when you see how the parent-child relationship was worsen and later reconciled... moments of reconcilation, understanding and love. I can't really describe very well. You have to see the movie for yourself. Part 1 "I Not Stupid" was also a good movie but perhaps I kinda prefer this sequel.

INST reminded me that in our communication with others, we should learn to accenturate the positive. Instead of looking at the negative side of things, learn to encourage others positively. Appreciate the little things given and done (by God and by people). Say a word of praise. Give a word of encouragement. It serves to improve our relationships with one another... It doesn't cost you much to say a "thank you" but it can possibly mean a big deal to the person whom you thanked. I think everyone needs to learn this skill... but do so genuinely and sincerely, not artificially.

All the tears aside, I was delighted to be able to see snow flakes once again. The reason why I got a window seat was to be able to see and snap photos of them. Silly me used to think that those were little cracks of the glass due to the air pressure. But I didn't realise that they were God's creation :) Someone said "Man made ice cubes. God made snow flakes". Snow flakes cannot be man-made right?? Each snow flake is uniquely different and there are no 2 same flake. Sounds like human beings ay? God created us as individuals. Identical twins may look similiar but their personalities would be different. We are all uniquely created.

Snow flakes!! :)

Other nice photos from my trip:

Sunset at Currimandi Lake, Sunshine Coast


Clouds at an open-air shopping centre

Sunset at Mount Cootha. See the reflection of sunset on the mirrored walls? Can you spot me in the mirror?? ;)

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