May 7, 2006

GE 2006

I am not very interested in politics but this 10th General Election of Singapore has seemed to made me a little interested... probably not so much about which party should win in each area, but the saga(s) that this national event has created.

Closer to me, my colleagues have been discussing about the PAP and the opposition parties. Many jokes came up and it provided good humour amidst my stressful work these days. The PAP supporters have been sighted to lunch at the staff canteen, whilst the supporters of the opposition party lunched at the food court at my office. Some are PRs of Singapore and cannot vote. Some citizens want to vote but they lived in districts that PAP had walkovers. It was a tough and heated (friendly) discussion amongst our colleagues whom we see each other everyday....

I don't need to vote. My GRC was a walkover and PAP rules. But I continued my routine of packing lunch from either the staff canteen or food court to my office desk to quietly enjoy my little brain break before embarking on the second half of the day.

At this time that I am blogging away, one of the most talkabout SMC - Hougang's results were announced. The Worker's Party Chief has won over People's Action Party in Hougang. The results were obvious - there were 13,987 votes for WP and 8,306 votes for PAP. I was a little surprised at the margin that PAP lost. Many people all over Singapore have been flogging to Hougang the past 1 week to listen to the rallies. I heard it was obvious that there were more people at the WP rally than the PAP rally in Hougang. But it was not too surprising as the WP rallies were more 'interesting' with juicy bits of speeches.

What's left and the interesting results that are not announced yet, are the Aljunied GRC, Potong Pasir SMC, Jalan Besar GRC and Ang Mo Kio GRC. For the latest interactive news, see here.

I know PAP will continue to govern the country. I think that the leaders in PAP have what it takes to rule the nation but well I guess some opposition voices in the parliament would be good too....

Hmm, but I still like the Mee Pok Man joke ;)

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