April 25, 2006

My Right to Vote

[27 April 2006: My GRC is a walkover!! :)]

Singapore General Elections are heating up. I belong to the category that I don't quite read up much about the latest news about the elections, except for reading the headlines on the newspaper. In 2001, I recalled voting at one of the schools and there were 2 other opposition parties contesting against PAP then. I vaguely remembered that I was probably either in West Coast Group Representation Contituencies (GRC) or Bukit Timah GRC. Don't ask me who my Ministers are because I have no idea. I simply cannot remember :P But I must say that they have been quite good to us... My flat was given a repaint after 7-8 years and they have also been upgrading and improving the park (new playground, new pavement, new exercise facilities) which surrounds my flat.

A check on my status as a citizen shows that I have been regrouped into the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC. I have no idea how my area falls under that GRC when I live 10-15 minutes drive away from Holland or Bukit Timah (depending which part of it). It used to be Holland-Bukit Panjang and now it has been regrouped to Holland-Bukit Timah and Bukit Panjang is now on its own.

I don't know to hope if my GRC is a walkover. But I'm glad that I have the handsome Ophthalmologist Minister in my GRC :P However I also read that the line-up would be subjected to changes.

Well lets see... after the Nomination Day this Thursday... who knows maybe some opposition party decides to contest PAP for my GRC?? But really I will be happy to sleep in instead of making my way to the polling station on 6 May ;)

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