April 6, 2006

Hello, Everybody!!

Hello everyone! I am baby kiki. (Auntie island thinks that my real name should not be disclosed, hence "kiki" shall be used.) Mummy gave birth to me on the morning of 4 April 2006 after waiting anxiously (and painfully!!) in the hospital for close to 24 hours!

Anyway, thank God that mummy was okay in the process of bringing me into this world... and thank God that I am a healthy little boy :) So far, daddy and mummy thinks that I am a good boy because I drink my milk without much fuss... and when daddy holds me to get me to burp, I burped with a loud buurrrrp which makes daddy and mummy happy :)

Although I am still quite shy about the people and things around me, I still attempted to smile at auntie island when she tries to take my photo. I think I do have some of mummy's facial features... but auntie island tells me that I look more like daddy and that I will grow up to be a tall and handsome man like my daddy!!

Okie.... when my auntie island gets to know more about me, she may share more news and photos of me. So hope to see you real soon!! ;)

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