April 29, 2006

Classical Classics

Don't know why I suddenly like classical music, particularly classical vocals. Walked into the classical room in Tower Records and as I explored the cds available in the section, I wish I could buy all the many cds which (I guess) seems relaxing and therapeutic (does this mean that I have been too stressed out??)

1) John Williams - Ultimate Guitar Collection: Will be attending his world tour guitar concert in Singapore in June. One of the Singapore Arts Festival programme, he will be here with Richard Harvey. There are a few famous guitar tunes in the album. I recalled Schindler's List played in movie "Memoirs of Geisha".

2) Hayley Westenra - Pure: This talented young girl from New Zealand sings so well! A friend introduced her cd to me and especially the song "Never Say Goodbye". Hayley also sang May It Be in movie "Lord of the Rings". My greatest discovery is that she was the girl who sang Amazing Grace in the Japanese hospital drama that I watched last Nov/Dec. Silly me thought that it was sang by Charlotte Church.

I almost bought the above cds and another classical compilation cd but I didn't. But I was glad that friend loaned me Hayley's album today!!

Talking about coincidence, I mentioned to my friend about loaning me his collection of dvds. And there, he has Sound of Music!! Didn't expect that anyone would have owned it. In the end, he also loaned me another classic Grease :)

To round it up, I caught a romantic Korean movie Daisy (watch trailer). The thing about Korean romantic movies... the cast of suave Korean man (sometimes good to be a little unshaven :P) and simply sweet, long-haired Korean woman. Somehow Korean men are always portrayed as a sensitive, romantic gentleman. There is no exception in this movie. Both men (although are macho men whose vocations involving guns and fights) have their soft, romantic and sensitive sides that makes women die for. I didn't watch the Korean drama Winter Sonata which I am sure, is definitely more 'soapy' than this movie... Anyway I got a little teary at the ending ;( When back to reality, I figured that surely Korean men are not like this in reality (they can be quite chauvinistic) and surely most men are not like those portrayed in movies - send you daisies everyday, protect and observe you from afar, built a bridge for you, learn lip-reading when you become dumb and read up on Monet because you love painting. GET REAL!! Well, the more suave man of the 2 in Daisy likes classical music too ;)

Enough said. Time to enjoy my Grease, Pure and Sound of Music :)

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