December 28, 2005

The Great White Tower

I'm slightly hooked onto a Japanese drama now... nope it is not a soapy romantic drama. It is put in the setting of a university hospital in Japan. My mum was the one following it initially. I used to come home around 11pm, when the drama would have just ended. The 'closing song' caught my attention: "Amazing Grace" sang by Charlotte Church. Only the 1st and last verses are played, with the English and Chinese lyrics flashed on the screen. I used to think "Wow... what Christian drama was that they use the song??!!"

Well I guess it was further than my guess. There are 3 more episodes left and since I've been following it (about the past 2 weeks), it was mainly about hospital politics amongst the management, patient care and medical negligence. It probably kinda interest me because I can relate with the drama. It was also interesting to see how the Japanese hospitals operate and how with high regards they hold for professor doctors over there.

After I read the entire sypnosis and review on this website, I probably can appreciate the drama better... after all, I only saw it from half way through... to quote (inaccurately) what one woman said in the drama: All doctors set out with the ambition to save lives. But somehow along the way, they get caught up with what the world has to offer and so they sometimes lie to get their way around, to get up the corporate ladder. This can be very real I think. Hope that my younger doctor friends won't be like that...

Anyway, still don't get the connection between the drama and the song Amazing Grace. Maybe I'm too shallow to catch the connection between the two :P

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