April 4, 2006

Church @ Bishan

A red banner hangs outside a secondary school in Bishan. Church is now at Bishan at least for the next 1 year.

Last weekend was the first service at the school. The sitting capacity is double that of our old building. With that, the task of songleading seems more daunting because there are 600 pairs of eyes looking, compared to previously 350 pairs. I'm glad that God is far greater than my anxiety and the many pairs of eyes looking at me. Despite having 2 practices at a music studio, we still made quite a number of boo-boos, be it the singing or the music, or rather, the combination of it. Having a school hall with high ceilings makes sound a big challenge. The best of words you say on stage and the best of voice and music we sing and play can be a disaster when sound cannot project it clearly. But I thank God still because I trust that His word will still dwell in people's hearts and the words of the songs we sang will minister to them. Its not how well we play nor how good we sing, but that the truth of Jesus Christ will prevail and proclaimed.

At the beginning of the service, I shared with the congregation how I am excited about the change that the church is going through. I am excited because everyone is going through this together and I wonder how church life will be like in the new place for the next 12 to 18 months. I'm glad the church does not comprise of a physical building but a gathering of God's people, coming together to hear God's word and to fellowship with one another. Even though we now change the physical building to gather, this does not stop us from learning God’s word, to fellowship with one another and to grow in godliness.

Being in a new place may mean inconvenience for some. At least in the music team, there are more things for us to do - to set up and to keep the equipment. I'm not complaining. I am thankful by the fact that we have a place to gather. In fact, after the morning services, we can make use of the school hall to play games like badminton and can even play basketball at the court! This would help promote exercise and greater fellowship :)

I guess I will eventually miss the old church building... after all, I've been there for 7 years. I know where some people will hang out, where to find people, where to get some things, etc... but hey, I surely will grow to get used to life at the school as well! And before I know it, we will be back at Adam Road!!

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