March 27, 2006

The Big Move

Its moving!!

Yesterday was the last church service at the current building of 25 Adam Road. Church is temporarily relocating to Bishan for the next 12 to 18 months. The building at 25 Adam Road will be undergoing major renovations - known as "Major Upgrading Program" (MUP). The building is getting too small for the congregation of 1,300 where each sitting can only take 380 people.

Thank God for the growth of the church since about 17-18 years ago. From 20 people, it has grown to the now 1,300 people. I first step foot into this church some 7 years ago. In there, I have grown a lot in the knowledge of God's word and have been challenged in the way I lead my life. The people in church are like my family (although its scary that at least 500 people knows me). Many friends I got to know there and some had been through parts of my life with me.

Goodbye old building. And yes I do look forward to the newly upgraded building soon!!

Well at least for a good of 4 years (and the 5th year running), I have been part of the church camp committee. Yesterday being our last meeting at 25 Adam Road, we took a photo for rememberance :)

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shadow said...

Hi Island,
trackback:"Island blog[s] about the last service at 25 Adam Road as well".

Cheers! See you at Bishan!

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