March 26, 2006

Poor Man's Meal

Sometimes I like being sick - down with cold/flu. I know I am being silly.

I had some bacterial throat infection last week. Doctor gave me antibiotics for a week and took swab samples of my throat to test what kind of bacteria it was. So that Friday, I worked a bit more before I went home to rest. Packed duck porridge from my office food court for lunch at home. Hmm, I've not tried the duck porridge from that stall before but I thought it was very nice.... The porridge was the mushy watery type. Besides the braised duck meat, there were preserved peanuts and braised tou fu with the braised sauce. I liked it so much that I actually ate it for 4 consecutive lunches!!

I was recovering when 2 days ago, I began to feel a bit sick again. I sneezed a few times in a day compared to none normally (it can't be someone thinking of me so many times rite?? :P) Today began to have a bit of flu-like symptoms... the happy thing is, mummy cooked me my favourite porridge with dried scallops! And she added slices of fish in it. I finished the whole pot of it, took Puriton to knock myself out and slept. When I woke up, I was so much better. Its amazing how rest/sleep renews our body 'machinery' and aids my body cells fight against bacteria and viruses. Thank God for His creation of Man!

Hmm porridge is so nice... why do people call it a "poor man's meal"? My favourite porridge is the sliced beef porridge at Crystal Jade. Crystal Jade's porridge is cooked for a long time. Cooking with dried scallops makes it sweet. Mum knows I like porridge with dried scallops so when I'm sick, she'll pamper me with it :) Hmm, how nice it is to be sick all the time?!?!

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Yuhui said...

I like chicken porridge! But cannot find any good one. :(

There used to have a yummy one at Margeret Drive hawker centre, but the guy either moved away or closed shop. I enjoyed it so much in primary school.


Yeesh, that was a looooooooong time ago!

I too usually get well after a good sleep. I agree, it's a pretty amazing process too. So simple, yet so effective.

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