February 6, 2006

God Speaking??

I collected some postcards a long time ago. They were printed by a local Christian organisation. I thought that the messages were simple yet speak volumes...

I am here. God

There are 6,200,000,000 people on the planet. But I made only one of you. God

What do I have to do to get your attention? Send you a postcard? God

Don't forget your umbrella, I might water the plants today. God

Don't drink and drive, you're not quite ready to meet me yet. God

2 other thoughts:

omegaMan said...

I remember them. I remember thinking they were quite blasphemous. Well... some of them made God sound sacarastic and impatient etc...

Basically, I wouldn't subscribe to something said by 'god' unless it was really said in the bible.

island said...

hi omegaman, thanks for ur comments.

hmm, yup i probably shouldn't say those are god's words and be more careful in claiming them. i agree that the Bible is how God speaks to us.

prob i should have qualified myself better. bascially i was just trying to share some statements tat seem to attract people's attention.

thanks again :)

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