February 8, 2006

My First Time

Last Friday when my company had Lo Hei, there was a little red bag of 2 oranges (tangerines) and an ang bao of 2 chocolcates (wrapped in the shape of golden coins) given to us.

Everyday since, I have been seeing the red paper bag in front of me, wondering when I should eat up the oranges. Finally today, I decided to pick up one of them. Little known to people, I'm not a great fan of orange, but when they are peeled or juiced, I will eat them. But I won't deliberately peel them just to eat them. I know I sound pampered but well I just don't eat them when they are not peeled. But when people peels them for me (like my daddy), I won't mind enjoying it. I just don't make the effort to peel them to eat because I don't particularly love. i.e. I can live without it :P

I have seen people peeling the oranges before. But I almost forgot. So after confirming with my colleague that I should peel from the bottom of the orange, I began on the task... and because I have relatively long nails, peeling it was not a difficult task. So peeling oranges wasn't that difficult after all! :P

My boss happened to walk to my workstation (something which he rarely does, since we are located at different offices) and seeing me peeling the oranges and eating them, commented that I must not eat too much of them as they can cause one to get sore throat (that was what happened to him). When I smiled and told him that it was my first time peeling the oranges by myself, he cheekily said "You don't need to do it yourself, cos your boyfriend peels for you right?" Anyway, the point is if a doctor tells me not to eat too much, I better listen ;) So I wil probably only have the other remaining orange tomorrow and won't eat it for some time until... next Chinese New Year?? Hee then I won't need to peel oranges for the time being :P

"I did it! My first time!"

Strangely I have more patience to shell roasted chestnuts. Hmm, I guess because I love to eat them! :)

3 other thoughts:

The Marxx said...

a subject heading like 'My First Time' is very mis-leading hor. lol

island said...


Anonymous said...

Ya, Shirlyn also thinks so. Asked me to quickly open this subject. So misleading......than hor.....boring.

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