February 4, 2006

Am I Only 4 or 5 Years Old?

To continue about my little friend... A conversation between us yesterday went like this:

(Her mum and I were chatting about people getting married)
Cha: Mum, I told you already... I don't like my favourite che che to get married! (she always evesdrop at adults' conversation)
Me: Cha, you mean I cannot get married?
Cha: Yes, you cannot.
Me: Why?
(she could not verbalise her answer to why she doesn't like it. But her mum and I knew that it was because she feels that I will love her less when I get married)

(At another conversation with Cha at the poolside)
Me: Cha, I really cannot get married?
Cha: No
Me: Then are you going to get married?
Cha: Yes
Me: When are you getting married?
Cha: Erm... when I'm 5 years old (this bum is 4 years old soon)
Me: 5 years old!?!? But I'm more than 5 years old, surely I can marry?
Cha: How old are you?
Me: I'm 2-x years old
Cha: Uh!!! That is like my mummy!!
Me: No, your mummy is older than me... so Cha, when can I get married?
Cha: When you are 5 years old, you can get married like me
Me: But Cha, I am more than 5 years old....

This was then I realise this bum probably regard me as her peer. After all, I am the only adult that she addresses as che che (sister). There are 2 other female adults whom she cannot make up her mind if she should address them as che che or auntie. So sometimes she goes "Aun-che xxx" (hybrid of both but because she change her mind half way, it came out as 'Aun-che') but for me, she always address me as che che island or island che che.

Not that Cha is weak with her numbers, but she probably just have a yardstick of only being able to get married at 5 years old... (I wonder where she got that number from) and so she discounts the fact that I am way past 5 and that I cannot meet the/her criteria. Hmm... I shall go ask her who she will marry when she is 5...

In another heartwarming incident, Cha got the mistaken idea that I was unhappy about something from her parents. She told her parents "Tell che che island don't worry, I love you. Next time when I see you, I will cheer you up...." So when I met her yesterday, she made a little handicraft for me, saying "Whenever you are upset, remember to look at this that I make for you. And when you see this, you cannot be upset anymore..."

Isn't it so sweet of her? Sigh this bum... when she grows up, I will make sure I re-tell these stories to her!

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The Rust said...

she's so cute.

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