January 29, 2006

Growing Up

When I was about 10 years old and even in my teenage years, I recalled always wishing that I would be 20 years old... soon! Somehow I had thought that the prime of a woman's life is when she is 20 to 30 years of age.

Not sure if I was wrong... but I now wish that I can go back to my teenage/childhood days where I need not bother about the details of life... that I can be happily living in my 'innocence' and carefree life. I realised that things I dislike when I was young, I like them now. But of course time is irreversible....

1) When I was young, I prefer to go places with air-conditioning to have my meals. Now I don't mind eating at places with no air-conditioning as long as the food is good.
2) When I was young, I like to eat fast food. Now I can do without fast food ;)
3) When I was young, I like to drink soft drinks. Now I don't mind not drinking soft drinks but I need my daily caffeine fix! :P
4) When I was young, I would reject to eat all vegetables. Now I would eat some of them because I know that they do my body well.
5) When I was young, I look forward to each Chinese New Year. Now I think its been a routine...
6) When I was young, I don't eat chilli. Now I will take some but not too spicy.
7) When I was young, I am afraid of amusement rides. Now I am only just a little scared :P
8) When I was young, I dislike exercising. Now I don't mind although I may be a little lazy at times.

But well when I was young, I cannot ride a bicycle. Now I still can't!

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