January 27, 2006

Rested (but not for long...)

Just came back from a short holiday. Went to Pulai Desaru to chill out with no specific agenda but to rest. Ended up only eating (2 meals a day), sleeping, napping and lots of chatting! This is probably my first holiday where we did not plan what we were going to do. Everything was thought of at the last minute and based on what we felt like doing at that time, which is none other than REST.

Was amazed how HY and I have so much to talk about... from the time we met in the cab, to the ferry, to the hotel, during meal times, on the bed before we sleep, on the bed when we wake up, during our spa massage, watching tv, bible study... Thankful for the time we have to know each other more... about our past experiences, present lives and what lies ahead of us! This is probably the first and last time we can do such thing before she gets married in July. Like what HY sms me before "... when we reach heaven, we can fellowship until we peng san! (hokkien word meaning 'fall over' or 'tired out' in this context)" Hopefully I won't get bored of her when I see her in heaven ;)

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