January 10, 2006

Down Memory Lane

Finally I have some time to pack up some of my things in my room. Not that its particularly messy but I was just in the mood to put together some things and repack some things to create more space. Boy! I found a lot of old old possessions!!

I was reminded that I have had quite a bit of collections since I was a little girl...
  • Erasers
  • Threads of all sorts of colours (I make friendship bands with them)
  • Letter-writing materials
  • Postage stamps (hmm.. where are they now??)

This is a pair of paper cranes made by my best friend in... secondary school... when I was probably around 14 to 16 years old. I love to fold paper cranes too! I also found a box of the cranes which I had made, although I cannot remember whom I was gonna made them for.

This piggy stuff toy was given by a friend when I was in junior college... about 17 years old. I kept it till now because that was the 2nd stuff toy that I received as a gift. In my memory, I was quite deprived of owning stuff toy... until I was 15! Anyway stuff toys now to me, are nice to look at but not practical to keep :P

I have also been keeping those little cards, birthday cards, Christmas card, CNY cards, letters, post cards that I received from my friends since 1992!! Looking at those cards and letters, they seemed to encourage and comfort me in some way... Little did I know that I have collected so much of them! Those letters that we write and exchange (during lecture times!!) as students, the little Pass-It-On encouragement cards, some hand-made cards, many many Christmas cards, some letters, cards and photos that reminded me of my past relationships with the special someone (then)... somewhat made me felt a little older because I have actually been through all those...

I also found the book band (those that you use to tie books together and carry them. I think the students don't use this anymore) which I had won it as a book prize for writing Chinese composition (yes you heard it right :P), the Pentax pager which I used to co-own with my sister (which she bought it second hand from my cousin) and my Sergeant and Corporal rank badges which I had in my Red Cross uniform group days....

(From top left, clockwise) My favourite Andrew Brownswood "Forever Friends" cookie tin with my collection of erasers, the box of colourful threads that I collect, neatly packed cards into categories (these only represent 20% of my total collection), the various sets of letter pads and envelopes I have collected.

Didn't realise I was such sentimental to keep so many many things that tells me stories of my past. I sound heartless but because I had to clear space, I actually decided to throw away many many of those cards, letters, etc... keeping only those that I have received in the past 3 years. Hopefully these photos and my memories of the messages in the cards and letters will be kept in the cupboard named "sweet memories" in my mind... keeping only those with really special and meaningful cards and letters. I wonder how many of these I would have kept if I were to live on earth until I'm 80 or 90 years old!!

In any case, the thought of having once owned these precious notes, cards and letters from friends of the various stages of my life, pulls a warm tug in my heart.... :)

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