January 12, 2006

No Mood

No mood to work... don't feel like going to the gym too... not sure exactly for what reason(s)... a few of them could be:
  • Wet, gloomy weather for the past few days;
  • Too much work and don't know where to begin;
  • Brains rather be thinking about other things but work;
  • Looking forward to my next holiday... to rest and do nothing.

I think its a combination of the above. Sigh....

My boss is ill. At a meeting with him just now, I entertained thoughts that I could catch the virus from him so that I can be sick and stay at home. The truth is that some of my virus-attacked-cells (somewhere in my body) are communicating to my brain cells that I am about to fall sick. My throat cells are already giving away some signals of an impending attack!

Maybe I am not thinking right... even as I was vacuuming my house the other day, I was thinking "how nice if I need not go to work but do this at home everyday..."

Hmm... I think the biggest culprit is probably the weather...

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