December 29, 2005

Crazy Shopping

Took half day to go shopping today :P So many post-Christmas sales around!! There are really many good deals around. In order that I won't be impatient with the crowd, I thought having half the day off would do me good.

Isetan private sale is usually quite a good one. The one-day sale has deals for card holders only. Perhaps its a post-Christmas mood and this is the time when bonus are given, there were especially lots of people!! There was a snake queue and it was super crowded in the store!!

I was close to getting a Bodum mini-fondue pot set. Thought that I could use that for occasions to have chocolate fondue, cheese fondue, etc.... yum!! But later figured that a $129 set and discounted to about $77 is still rather pricey. Felt like some housewife scrambling through the household section just to find a (fondue) pot. Anyway I gave up idea to buy it. Hmm, maybe I can just make do with a steamboat pot???!!

Having long queues to pay up was good. It gave me time to calculate how much I spent and if I should give up certain items to purchase. In the end, I didn't buy a pair of leather shoes which I wanted for work. Although it was 30% discount, the colour I wanted didn't have my size. I almost made do with a common black colour (I think all my work shoes are black!!) with my size, but thought that I can give that up. So I saved $50+ not buying it!

Although my feet were aching after the 'exercise', I was glad that I managed to get what I wanted at a much discounted price. I'm glad that I didn't buy them earlier. Glad also that I could control spending a bit more and spent less than I budgeted... And for the rare times, I was not impatient nor irritated by crowds of people. I waited about 20 minutes for a parking lot, queued 15 minutes for the fitting room, queued 10-15 minutes to pay up and squeezed through some crowds with "Excuse Me"...

Well I guess the best part was when I finally get to sit down at Coffee Bean for a cuppa coffee and apple crumble. My feet was rested...

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