December 2, 2010

A Tale of 2 Nieces

I brought 2 of my nieces, 17mo A and 22mo C to shop for groceries on Monday. My in-laws are away and so I cared for A while her parents worked. C's sister, B has her regular swimming lessons in the morning and my MIL is not around to care for C. I reckon they both will love it if I bring them out on my regular Monday morning shopping, instead of just staying at home with them. This is the first time for them that they come out with me (have never brought C without B coming along, and it is my first with A) and the first time that both of them are out together (without B). 

I told A and C they have to be good and obedient so that we all can enjoy this 街街 'kai kai' (cantonese slang which refers to "shopping") session. The girls were so happy and excited in the car, as I think that was the first time they were both in the same car together. A was especially thrilled to have C sitting beside her in the car, since she has been the only child passenger in any (her parents') car. She would giggle every now and then and grins when C hums and sings along to Colin Buchanan's songs played in the car.

On arrival at the shopping centre, I was very surprised and pleased to see a duo shopping trolley available. I could have both and infant and a toddler sit together, side by side with each other. I sat the younger A on the baby compartment (a little unsafe because I could not strap her in with her sitting up most of the time. I have to keep a constant eye on her) and the older C in the normal seat compartment. 

Our first stop: the newly opened Aldi at the shopping centre. I told the girls that I would not let either of them down because I only intend to spend a short time there. They were quite good, just looking around curiously and I would engage them to help me choose fruits and veggies to buy. 

At Woolies, they were allowed to take turns to come down the trolley. A was first given the chance to help push the shopping trolley - something which her mum said she love to do and would tire her out. 

Within 5 mins, A is tired and she comes to me and signals for me to carry her (that was cute! - because A used to not want me to carry her :)) When it was C's turn to push the trolley, she gave all her energy into it! She alone could push the trolley without me! And when she hits an obstacle, she is able to turn the trolley by herself and continue to push. Often, I have to say "妹妹, stop pushing. Wait, I need to pick up something." She has energy like a bull for her age! (cute :))


They were very cooperative, helpful, obedient and well behaved. I'd enlist their help to put my purchases in the trolley. I think they really love this new experience of shopping with their 舅妈 :)

'Reward' of morning tea at the end of shopping
I had about 3 to 4 Aussie ladies asked me if A and C were twins. The truth is that they are 5 months apart :)

Would I bring them out again? I think so. Don't you think they are super cute? ;)

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