September 2, 2010

Smart (?) Shopping

For 2 consecutive weeks in July, I was overcharged for my groceries from Woolies. This is not the first time I was overcharged by a supermarket. I am glad I noticed it when I checked my receipt after I paid. Generally, if the product you buy was scanned at the wrong price (usually more than what is supposed to be), the store will refund you the amount of the product, which means you get the product for free.

Today, I bought some mountain bread. It was on sale, buy one get one free for A$3.79 each. After I paid for it, I checked the receipt and realise that I was overcharged for the bread. After the supermarket staff checked the price, I was refunded the amount of both the mountain bread charged A$7.58 (A$7.60 in cash). 

It pays to know the price of the products you buy. After you pay, have a look at your receipt to ensure that you are correctly billed. I do notice that the wrong billing usually occurs on the first day of sale. Woolies' sale begins on Monday and Coles' on Thursday. I guess that is when they might not have time to correctly program the sale price into their system. 

Well, I guess I have saved quite a bit of money from their mistakes :)

2 other thoughts:

Steeejei said...

Note that if the checkout operator makes a mistake with fruit and vege you won't get a full refund because it's classified as an 'operator error' and not a 'scan error' :)

island said...

yeah, noted. so far, its been the scan error and that's why i benefited :)

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