August 3, 2010

Cooking for 20

It was really good to have home-cooked dinner in church after service. Since the start of winter in June, various people have took turns to cook and we just contribute a minimum of a "gold coin" (i.e. either A$1 or A$2) to cover the cost of the ingredients. This casual dinner has created more opportunities to fellowship and is inexpensive for students and all to sit down to enjoy some warm home-cooked food.

2 weekends ago, I cooked chicken macaroni soup (the real stuff and not with store-bought chicken stock) with celery and carrot and served with bread. This was relatively easy to make and I know that this will be really healthy. I had also made a chocolate mud cake (the not so healthy bit) for dessert and to celebrate birthdays of 2 brothers-in-Christ and 1 sister-in-Christ.

Don't you love the colourful plastic bowls?

Chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache, strawberries and kit kat

The cooking involved quite some coordination and organisation on my part, having to think through when I should start prepping, cooking and which pots/containers I should store them in for transportation. Meanwhile, hubby's role is to think about how we transport the cooked food and not spill in the car. In 3 pots, 3 plastic containers and a cake carrier, we brought all the food to church.

I am just really thankful that my prayers were answered - spend the afternoon cooking without fuss/trouble, cook everything in time and for people to enjoy them. I was especially thankful about the part of "cooking without fuss". I had imagine myself not getting some things organised and end up feeling stressed about the entire process. The only bit of fuss I had was when the glass mixing bowl slipped out of my fingers and landed into the pot of soup. You can imagine the mess of having to clean up the area around the stove, etc. Thankfully, with (the rational) hubby's help, the mess was quickly cleaned up. So when people thanked me for cooking or that the food tasted good, all I can say or think of is "Praise God!" and I really give all the glory to Him.

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