March 2, 2010

Thermal Magic Cooker - A Formal Introduction

This is the thermal magic cooker that was recently added to my kitchen, compliments from SN who gave it to me as a gift to thank me for helping her buy silicon bakeware from Oz. This is such a good gift and I am loving it.

I have used this to make stews, rice porridge and soups. This is perfect when I need to cut down on time and just cook for 15 mins (not including prep time) and then leave it in this pot to continue cooking while I am out of the house or overnight as I sleep. This cooker does not require any energy fuel after the initial cooking on the stove. Hence you save on your electricity bills and need not keep an eye on your cooking when you are not in the kitchen or at work. I'd highly recommend for anyone with a busy lifestyle (which is almost everyone) - students, mums, working singles...

This is not very well known and used in this part of the world but very common in Asia. If you have friends and family in Asia, it is best to ask them to buy for you. Mine also comes with a smaller insert pot that I can use when I do not have much quantity to cook. I have once used it to cook rice porridge for 2 persons - me and my niece.

Read these 2 articles about how it works and why it is soooo good -
Another Kitchen Must-Have: The Thermal Cooker
Thermal Cookware – Cooking Food in its Own Heat

Recipes that I have tried using this cooker:
- Braised Soy Sauce Pork Belly
- Chicken with Dong Guai Soup
- Simple rice porridge
- Red dates tea
- Beef casserole

I really love my magic cooker :)

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Selma Dwjl said...

This article (yours & the link) was very helpful.. thanks so much :) I will invest one of these one day- possibly when i go back to hk hehe ^_^

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