March 7, 2010

Preeettty Afternoon

I had a lovely girly afternoon tea today. It was FC's bridal shower and we were invited to Mt Tambourine to spend a pretty afternoon tea at "Tea and Niceties".

The maid of honour put in quite some effort in making it a pretty event - she made a really pretty recipe book for the bride-to-be with recipes contributed by us, a notebook with our messages to her. FC also ordered a pretty cake, made by my SIL W. The rest of the set-up was by T&N.

Look at all the pretty things.... don't they make you feel pretty? :)

Naturally, being very human :p the food was quite the highlight. The 3-tiered treats were so so delicious and too pretty to eat. All the table set-up, the entire place is filled with pretty things and European style high tea decor. I was just so thrilled... I think this is my first time having arvo tea in such a beautiful place. It was pure indulgence for me. Of course it was also a good time of girl chats and time with FC.

The bridal shower cake (chocolate cake with ganache in between) by my creative and talented SIL

Look at the details... so sweet...

I will definitely do this again... probably with other girls some time (it is not quite a place for men :p). Another suggestion was for a few of us to come together for such a treat at one of our place and we make one type of little pretty food each and put them together to share. What a great idea and I am so looking forward to it :)

2 other thoughts:

JanJan said...

Hi quop, the bridal shower cake looks stunning!

island said...

hi jan jan, thanks :) my SIL (quop's sister) made the cake. let me know if you want to order :)

PS: quop is my hubby. so that makes me "mrs quop"? hee

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