February 11, 2010

God's Precious Blood

Liking this song more and more... not just the music and how it is sung, but the words that makes me reflect and able to sing this as a personal response to God.

The Precious Blood

Before the cross I kneel and see the measure of my sin
How you became a curse for me though you were innocent
The magnitude of your great love was shown in full degree
The righteous blood, the crimson spill
Rained down on calvary

Oh, the precious blood that flowed from mercy's side
Washed away my sin when Christ my Saviour die
Oh, the precious blood of Christ the crucified
It speaks for me before your throne, where I stand justified

And who am I that I should know, this treasure of such worth
My Savior’s pure atoning blood shed for the wrath I’d earned
For sin has stained my every deed, my every word and thought
What wondrous love that makes me one
Your priceless blood has bought

A crown of thorns, pierced hands and feet
A body bruised, and Mercy’s plea

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