December 22, 2009

Mango Jam and Sorbet

Mango jam bubbling away, ready to store in sterilised jars

We bought some good and cheap mangoes from Aldi a month ago. They were going for 69 cents each and we bought a box of them (16 in all). Other than eating some of them, I decided to make some mango sorbet and mango jam.

Mango sorbet was easy to make. However I do not have an ice cream machine and was too lazy to beat it manually. Hence they end up in the freezer as mango ice. But it was still nice. You could taste the real mango goodness, great for a hot summer day!

Mango jam was not that difficult too. Just mango pulp, sugar and some lemon juice. I made 2.5x250g jars of mango jam 3 weeks ago. Tried in on scones and pikelets so far. Hmm... I really love the real mango goodness on them!

Tonight, I shall be making some more jam, using Honey Gold mangoes (bought 6 ripe ones yesterday, 3 for A$2 and they are big ones). Hopefully there are altogether enough jam for me to bring back to Singapore to give away to family and maybe some friends.

Will jazz the jars up a bit to make them prettier to give away :)

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Anonymous said...

yum! ps. do you still have parsley? would you mind bringing some (preferably chopped!) tomorrow night for our potato salad?! thanks! k.

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