December 17, 2009

Christmas Tree(s) at Home

Last year we put up a 2D Christmas tree. This year, we decided to do it again! We do not have a big house  to put up a tree and we don't want to spend lots of money buying the tree and decorations. Most of all, (I know I am weird) I don't really like to put up a Christmas tree because I have to set it up, pull it down and store it for next year, only to repeat it again. It really does not matter if we have a Christmas tree at home or not. Because to us, Christmas is not about a tree but about a birth of someone special. Hence we prefer not to spend too much time, effort and $ to make up a nice Christmas tree.

The tree above is made up of Christmas cards about the birth of Jesus. Bought these at Spotlight for 50% discount. Spent a maximum of A$4 for all the cards. The stars were part of what I bought for last year's tree. The other costs include my time and the blue tack that we use to stick the cards on the wall.

After the tree went up, moments later, I found this Christmas-tree shaped Ferrero Rocher box which someone gave to us last year. We decided to fill it with handmade paper stars made by hubby, sealed the box and place this small tree at our stairway. The little star on top is part of the set of stars I bought last year. There is no cost to this tree, except our time to put in the stars and ensure that they fit in nicely. So this year, we put up 2 trees but at the price of 1 - A$4!

If $ and space were not a concern, I'd really love a real pine tree (but someone will have to put it up for me :p). The company I used to work for puts up a huge pine tree every year. I love the smell of pine trees! But I doubt I will ever buy a real pine tree for my home here... For now, I am happy with different 2D or $-friendly trees every year :)

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