October 13, 2009

Dust Storm

A few weeks ago, a dust storm swept over parts of Australia and where I was too. When I looked out of my office window around the same time as today, everything outside is orange. It is a bit different to the haze that I used to experience in SG. This is orange in colour.

Due to not having a proper camera with me, I could only take these photos on my mobile:

On my way to pick hubby from his office. The usual blue skies were grey and smokey.

The dirty water marks on the windscreen as I tried to clean it with water and my wipers

The dirty orange marks left on the car's windscreen

Thank God for providing some rain last week, it managed to wash away some of the dirt on the car and it is not as dirty and dusty now...

(For the curious Singaporeans, people in Oz don't really wash their cars, partly due to water restrictions. Car washes at petrol stations costs around A$15, compared to the S$6 I used to pay)

2 other thoughts:

PlanningQueen said...

I liked your comment about washing cars!! I can remember always seeing my parents wash their cars when I was growing up, but I don't think my kids would be able to remember ever seeing us do that.

Thanks for the great tips on Singapore, I appreciate you taking the time to leave them.

island said...

Thanks for leaving a comment :)

No worries about the tips re Singapore. Hope you win the award! I think I voted for you :p Crowds + humid heat can be a potential trigger to frustration and stress. And you may find that Singaporeans are not as friendly. It is just cultural where people mind their own business and rushing everywhere to do many things and nothing personal. Just beware ;)

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