September 8, 2009

Singapore Flyer Sky Dining Experience

About 29 months ago, hubs proposed to me whilst having a sky dining experience on the cable car in Singapore. It was a really romantic and private time spent with just the 2 of us.

Today, I read about someone's experience at sky dining at the Singapore Flyer! It seems nicer, bigger and special BUT it does not come with a wallet-friendly price tag - S$199 per couple for a 3-course meal (double the price of that at the cable car) But if you would like the entire capsule to be yours, be prepared to fork out S$1,500! See details here.

It will be really nice to have dinner in the early evening with sunset in the background :)

It seems these are different:
- SG flyer is larger and not castrophobic (for those who might have that phobia)
- SG flyer has a butler in the cabin (well, it is larger right? But this also means no privacy :p)
- Cable car has a longer ride of about 1.5 hours. The SG flyer ride is only 1 hour. Dessert is served in the VIP lounge.
- You get to go to the VIP lounge to chill out if you go for the SG flyer.
- Complimentary parking is available at SG flyer.
- You can arrange for a bouquet of flowers to be given at the cable car ride but there is no mention if the SG flyer staff will do that for you.
- The cable car has piped-in love songs to create the mood. Not sure about SG flyer.

Take your pick. Which will you go?

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