September 11, 2009

Morning Shopping

On days that I don't work, I love to do some shopping and run errands. Today is the alternate Friday that I don't babysit at Mother's Group. I decided to drive to Springwood after dropping hubby off at work.

I recalled I have a coupon for a free cappuccino at Pages Cafe in Koorong bookstore, compliments from my SIL. On my way to Ikea, I thought I will stop by Koorong for a cuppa and browse some books at the same time. I love the idea of chilling out at a cafe in a Christian bookstore. The Koorong at West Ryde in Sydney has a cafe too. This Springwood branch has only opened for less than a year. The other branch nearer to the city (I think) doesn't have a cafe. It was my little dream to open a bookstore/cafe where people can find food for the body and for the soul ;), and the cafe will sell cakes and pastries that I bake :)

My morning tea: free cuppa and I bought an apple slice to go with it

I was happy to find veggie tales dvds on sale, going for A$9.95 each. I thought they were a good buy as they usually go for about double the price here in Aust and in SG. There were quite a few titles to choose from, but I decided to get these 2 which I hope to watch with my niece Belle to teach her to be thankful and to share her toys with her friends. I reckon this could also be used when we have opportunities to babysit other kids... In any case, I am gonna collect these (and maybe other titles in future) :)

I love looking at furniture and furnishings at Ikea. Walking around browsing, makes me appreciate my small townhouse a lot more when I saw how they furnish a 55sqm home. It has a living area, a kitchen, a bathroom and 2 bedrooms and it was really cosy and still fairly enough space to have people over.

I was delighted when I saw some crockery on sale for less than 50% of their original price! I think they are trying to clear stock. 2 years ago, we bought a 12-piece set of stone crockery of plates and bowls. I have been eyeing a huge platter that is part of the same series. I reckon that 32cm (in diameter) plate is big enough to serve food like a whole chicken. I was glad I held out and happen to be browsing at Ikea today when I saw that same plate going for A$2.99 (UP A$7.99)! There you go, a saving of $5 :)

Later on, I proceeded next door to Good Price Warehouse Pharmacy to buy some vitamins and to Spotlight to buy some fabric to sew more aprons as gifts. The only normal price item I bought was a QV cream for my dry skin.

Speaking of goodies, I was really thrilled by being able to buy 2 cooked bbq chickens for A$10 at Coles last Wed and yesterday a near 2kg free range raw chicken for A$7! The chicken is best used by today, but with freezing, I am able to keep it for a while longer. The best deal of the month has to be a 5-star (least fat content compared with 4 or 3 star) minced beef I chanced upon last Friday. I was planning to cook pasta with mince that day and I had earlier defrosted some in the fridge. I bought about 580g worth of beef mince for A$2 that has another day before its "use by" date. I paid only a third of its orignal price!
I am really thankful to be able to find good deals, especially at the point of need. Again, little occasions like these reminds me of Jehovah Jireh, my Provider :) Lord, thank you for this morning's time of chilling out and providing according to my needs.

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