September 22, 2009

Blueberry with White Chocolate Tarts

This recipe is available on the Coles Spring magazine. This is very simple and great-tasting to make for an afternoon tea treat, or dessert to share with your friends. I made this for a lunch gathering at a friend's place over the weekend.

Ingredients (makes 12)
150g blueberries (I used the punnet which I bought fresh and freezed some months ago)
1.5 square sheets of frozen shortcrust pastry, defrosted
150f white chocolate
1/4 cup cream
icing sugar to dust

To make the tart shells, use a 7cm round cutter to cut out 12 circles of pastry. Fit them nicely into muffin baking trays. Cut out 8cm round pieces of baking paper. Place the round discs of baking paper onto each shell. Place some uncooked rice or beans to 'blind bake' them. Bake them at 160C for 10 mins. Remove the rice or beans and continue to bake the tart shells for 5 mins or until slightly golden brown. Leave to cool. Store them in a airtight container if you are not using it immediately. You may make up to 2 days in advance and store them in the container in the fridge.

Melt white chocolate and cream in a glass mixing bowl, placed over a saucepan of water. Make sure the water do not touch the bowl (you only want the steam of the boiling water to heat the bowl above to melt the chocolate). Stir the mixture until it is smooth. Pour in a heat proof jug to pour into the tart shells (or just use a spoon to scoop). Refrigerate the tart shells with chocolate mixture for 1.5 hours. Top it with blueberries and dust icing sugar to serve.

Tip: To defrost blueberries (or any other berries), place the frozen berries in a metal (or any stain-proof) strainer/colander (a wide one, if possible). Allow it to defrost by placing the strainer/colander into a bowl to allow the water from the defrosting process to drip in.

In case you think this is very sweet, it is not. The only sugar comes in the white chocolate (which is not really sweet) and that bit of icing sugar dusted on the tart. The tart and the blueberries are not sweet-tasting. Trust me, you won't stop at eating one! :)

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quop said...

hmm... yum yum! not too sweet indeed :)

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