April 3, 2009

Food Storage Tips

I picked up a free copy of Coles Autumn recipe book today. One of the advertorial, was a recipe to use Glad oven bag to roast lamb. I thought I will go to Glad website to have a look as they apparently had more recipe tips. To my pleasant surprise, I found a great deal of household tips and of course, all using Glad products. I was so excited when I read that you could freeze ginger in a lock bag. This followed by some googling on "how to freeze ginger" and I am glad to share this with you :)

  1. Glad household tips
  2. Glad recipes
  3. How to freeze ginger

I am rather excited at the idea of freezing ginger. I never knew that I could freeze them (and galangal too, which I have some of its plants growing). Ginger is one thing which I do not use a lot in cooking and each time, I would only buy a small piece and store it in the fridge, which after a while, it will dry up and not able to be used. I shall be cutting up the ginger that I just got yesterday (grown and freshly harvested from my in-law's garden) into slices, wrap up in clear wrap and into a lock bag and freeze it. This is perfect since I mostly only use fresh ginger slices for steaming fish. I have a bottle of grated ginger that I bought ages ago and I am only about half way through.

A few months back, I read that I could freeze chillies in a paste form and I tried it for myself. It was really successful. I could reduce the volume of red chillies into a small pack of chilli, ready to be used whenever. This is such a handy way!

You may have realised by now, that I have a fairly new bar freezer. By now, it is already about 85% full. But my freezer (with fridge) is about 90% full (used to be 100%). Here are some articles that you might be keen in...

  1. How to freeze veggies (you can freeze them too! I have just tried freezing mushrooms)
  2. A different way of doing freezer inventory as compared to mine. This is really innovative idea!
Hope this info helps you! They certainly have got me all hyped up!

1 other thoughts:

hwees said...

wah, I know who to go to if the world's food supply ever runs dry! I freeze my ginger too (like you, I only use a bit each time and my husband is not a huge ginger fan), but I haven't done any slicing--I just dumped the whole thing in there heheh. It might be growing for all I know...

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