August 25, 2009

Free Range Chicken Soup with Korean Ginseng

When my mum last visited me, she brought over some Korean red ginseng extract for me and I was supposed to take it every so often (which I have not :p). Finally remembered and got around to make some chicken soup which I will be able to add some of this extract into the soup for extra *healthy* goodness.

100% pure Korean red ginseng and extract - gold, from ginseng roots. The stainless steel teaspoon comes with it!

Using my tall claypot, I put in a free range whole chicken and some corn and enough water to cover them. I have also randomly added some Chinese herbs to the soup - red dates, ginseng, wild yam, lily bulbs and wolfberries and also a few slices of ginger. To season it, I added soya sauce and salt. This was cooked by bringing up to the boil and simmering over low heat for about 2 hours altogether. 1 teaspoon of the extract is added about half way through.

Herbs - (left, clockwise) red dates, wild yam, wolfberries, lily bulbs, ginseng

My reliable tanyu claypot :)

I was quite pleased with the result, given that this was just my own 'trial-and-error' recipe. Unfortunately, hubby was not quite used to the taste... I suppose, unlike me, he did not grew up drinking Chinese herbal drinks and tonics. I had the left-overs for lunch today and it tasted even better!

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