July 8, 2009

Used Car For Sale!

It has been a month since we put up our Holden Astra for sale. Last Friday, our first genuine enquirer came to see and test drive the car. We were so happy as we have been praying about it. The unsold car is a financial burden for us and we really hope to sell it at the soonest.

That enquirer brought his girlfriend to come have a second look yesterday. The car was for his girlfriend as she will be getting her driver's license soon. After looking at about 10 cars, the couple has shortlisted our Astra and a same-aged Mazda 323. So our Astra was the best amongst the 2-3 Astras that they have seen. But at the end of the day, the girlfriend decided on the Mazda, just simply because she like the look of the 323 than the Astra. Although they agree the features and the make of our Astra is better, she still prefered the 323 because of its look. We were quite disappointed as we really came close to the deal.

The couple was really quite nice about it. They said that they were really happy with our Astra and they suggested that we keep the $11,000 that we list it for and not lower the price (which got me quite surprised). They also reckoned that I was "lovely and honest so it was a shame to not get it from me". I don't think they were trying to be nice about it. They were sincere, genuine and nice-to-chat-with couple. Really a pity that we did not make the deal...

We accept this to be God's will. We are thankful for at least 1 genuine enquirer/buyer. Hopefully I was a good testimony of Jesus to them (I believe they are not Christians). We will continue to pray... and trust that God will provide the right buyer at the right time... and hopefully it will be real soon!

If you know someone who might be interested, please refer them to our car ad. Here is how a Mazda 323 look like - is it really nicer than the Astra?

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