June 3, 2009

10 Years of Driving

I am about 3 months shy from my 10th year of obtaining my driver's license. Only just realised it as I was thinking about our new car this morning. Since obtaining my license, I have never had my own car... always been driving daddy's car or at few occasions, friends' cars in the last 5 years. I am proud to say that I remain being a manual car driver, something which few people are these days.

When I got married, my husband's car became our car, even though technically it is his. We recently got a new car and selling our current one. Even when the car is under hubby's name (although it belongs to his employer under a leasing plan), it is effectively, our car. The best of all, we chose this car together. It was really good to be able to make a big decision like this as a couple and finally, I have a say in the car to buy, after 10 years!

Our Astra is about 6 years old and hubby had it for the past 3-4 years after he bought it over from his sister. There were a few reasons why we thought it is time to buy our Lancer and sell our Astra: -
(1) The hatchback Astra only allows for the child seat to be placed in the middle and you have to stretch the strap of the car seat all the way to the door of the boot door to latch and secure it. This is really quite impractical.
(2) A sedan car would provide more boot space which is much welcomed.
(3) We reckon it would be a good time to sell it before it hits the 100,000 km mark.
(4) Cars are a bit cheaper now because the dealers are eager to make sales due to the economic crisis.
(5) Hubby could take up a leasing plan through his employer which works out well for us financially.
(6) At the age and condition of our Astra, we are likely able to sell it for the same price as what hubby paid his sister less than 4 years ago.

I guess the last thing we want is for people to be stumbled by us getting a new car, since we are really about mid-low incomers. We could have gotten a second-hand car which will be cheaper but really, there is always a lurking fear (for me) of what had happened to the car before and how long will it last us if it has problems. After consideration, a new car with a leasing plan works out best for us financially, etc in every way.

At the pulpit last Sunday, pastor reminded us if we are living out worthy lives on earth and illustrates by asking how we are using our cars - do we get a 2-door car because we like it? or do we get a 4-door larger car so that we can use it as a ministry to ferry people? In humility, I'd say we are going quite alright in using our car and house as a ministry for people. But I do stand corrected. But perhaps we can do better? At least for one, if we need to ferry people with young kids and needed to strap in a child seat, our Lancer is a much better car to do so instead of our Astra. And in future, God willing, our Lancer will better minister to our family than our Astra.

I have been praying that I will drive carefully and not scratch or damage our Lancer... not because it is too precious to us but I do not want hubby to be unhappy about it if I ever do so (although I know that he definitely loves me more than the car). Sometimes I make silly mistakes while driving/parking.... just have to be more alert and not overly confident which leads to my 'fall'! 10 years of driving... does not equate to perfect driving. It definitely can be better but I have a perfect excuse - "I am a female drivier" :p

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