May 20, 2009

Sewing Project #8 - Flannelette Cardigan

This is my last flannelette project before winter... (since the fabric was on sale) This is stay-home wear for the cold winter mornings and nights and I got hold of an existing cardigan that I have to measure and cut out the fabric. The result? A fairly good work of a masterpiece :)

This was the first time I sewed a buttonhole and really, it is quite simple to do it with the manual's instructions. It was not a perfect job but a good-enough one. My mum was pretty impressed that I am able to sew =) stating that I probably inherited this from my grandpa who can cook, tailor and do carpentry work (I cannot and probably will never do the latter).

I designed this to only have 2 buttons so that it is easier and quicker for me to put it on. The sleeves are also a tad shorter than it should have been so that they will not be in the way when I prepare food and washing hands (getting the sleeves wet).

Sufficiently pleased with this project even though it is not perfect. There is definitely room for improvement...

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