May 8, 2009

Encouraged by Y

I wrote about my discipleship with Y about a week ago. Today, I received an email from her which really made my day and I am so touched by the way God is working in her life... I know that it is not my discipleship with her that makes the difference but the fact that the Holy Spirit in Y is working in her life and growing her relationship and understanding of God.

"I have gone through two BSF classes so far and it is really helping me to understand the bible more now. Before I started BSF, I have to admit, in the past I do not read the bible everyday and I really feel guilty for it because I was drawn away from Him from time to time. BSF homework is intensive and simply allows me not have a good reason not to read the bible every day. No more excuses now! Hee..

The most amazing thing is that we are studying “Life of Moses” in BSF now and having to go through BE with you, it’s still fresh in my memory and not to mention that DVD (prince of Egypt) which you lent it to me few months ago, gave me a good grasp of Exodus. Thank you so much for it! Doing it all over again in BSF now, certainly helps me to “drill” deeper into Exodus! I had always been a big reader of Exodus amazed at how Israelites constantly betraying Him, all the grumblings etc and that He is still such a forgiving father in the end. Something that I must really confess being a somehow new Christian, I am still asking myself, “Wow! is god really that wonderful???” And yes I know He is. I can really feel that He is watching over me every single minute especially when I am going through such a hard time of my life now!"


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