March 4, 2009

Knit Blankets for Bushfire Families

CALLING ALL KNITTERS: BHAG is gathering people to knit blankets for the families affected by the Victoria bushfire. You can either knit 1 or a few square pieces or an entire blanket (28 squares) and send them to "Better Homes and Gardens/Wrap with Love, Private Bag 9850, North Sydney, NSW 2059".

Each square should be 25x25cm. Use 8-ply wool (any brand or colour) and 4mm knitting needles. Case on 50-55 stitches, depending on your tension. Work 80 rows (or until work measures 25cm) in garter stitch. Cast off loosly.

To make a blanket, join join 28 knitted squares into 4 rows of 7. Alternating the direction of each adjacent square, ensure the joins are on the same side and are flat.

If you can't knit but would like to learn, you can learn from here. If you are unable to give financially to the Bushfire Appeal, but would like to help, this is a good way to lend a hand!

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