February 11, 2009

Mix of Encouragement & Disappointment

First I was thinking of blogging about my little disappointment. But I thought I will be positive and write about the encouragement bit first...

5:17 church finally started last Sunday. There were slightly above 30 people altogether, 10 more than the number that I expected. Amongst us, there were 3.5 non believers (0.5 because we are not sure if he really is or not). Other than the numbers, I am also encouraged by the enthusiasm, devotion and dedication of the brothers and sisters in Christ who are in the core team of pioneering the church.

I am getting more excited to see what God will be doing to His church (people) through this new church service. However I am humbled when I am reminded that it is not mine, not ours but God's ministry, God's people and God in full control. I must not be proud nor leaning on my own strength and capability (if any) to serve God and His people. God wants my contrite heart and humble spirit to serve His people, giving all glory to Him alone.

Amidst this, I was also struck with a bit of disappointment... but I know that this happens often in ministry and will definitely happen because we are Christians (aka sinners) living on this earth. At our first CG meeting last night, only 1 out of 5 persons turned up at our place. I am not blaming anyone for their absence but I cannot help but feel a little discouraged, disappointed to a 'sad' beginning. There I was so excited at the idea of finally being able to open up my home to have people over to study the Bible and fellowship... I baked peach muffins the day before when I was not working and made chrysanthenum tea and pear and cherry crumble while cooking dinner at the same time, to provide desserts and a cooling drink for everyone to enjoy. But at the end, only 1 turned up... :(

Nevertheless, praise God that 3 of us (1 + me + hubby) had a good and productive time of discussion of what we will be doing, etc. At the same time, I am telling myself that I should not let this little bit put me down, but learn to be hospitable, loving, gracious, not looking at men and be disappointed but looking at God for His encouragement. I have been waiting for this day where hubby and I could have our own place and open it up for people as a ministry and being thankful for the home that God provided us with. We are hoping to sell our existing 6-person round dining table to buy a 8-14 persons expandable rectangular dining table so that we can accommodate more people to be seated in our small humble home. Though I am also dreaming to have a larger home so that we are able to have more people over...... Oh well, looks like I also need to learn contentment for everything that God has already given me and learn to trust God to provide things that I need!

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Anonymous said...

encouraging perspective eilen :)

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