December 6, 2008

Turkey Cooking Class

When I was in secondary school, my classmates and I would hear of Violet Oon shepherd's pie but I never got to eat it. It was expensive then... Yesterday with thanks to MC, hubby and I went along with her to VO's cooking class where we learnt how to make our own Christmas turkey, sauce, gravy, veggies and potatoes. Because of MC's friendship with VO, we could be there to watch, learn and sample at no costs. The process seemed complicated and lots of preparation and cutting work. It takes quite a lot of time to cut up and prepare the ingredients and it also takes a long baking time. But I think it is not that difficult to make... (although the cost of the ingredients are not cheap) VO demonstrated how to prepare a turkey, bake it, make gravy, cranberry sauce, secret to roast yummy potatoes, make your own turkey stuffing. We also learnt how a sherry berry truffle was made.

With the 3 hours spent, we picked up quite a number of tips and had fun with VO telling us many stories as she demonstrated. Contrary to my preconceived ideas, VO has no airs. She is nice, warm, motherly lady. Hubby and I are running on a tight schedule, otherwise we may join her and a few others to make 6-8 turkeys to feed 100+ old folks at a home next weekend.

After all the learning, I only just began to appreciate the turkey that MC made for us last Christmas when she first learnt how to make a turkey from VO. Hubby and I hope to try to make it some time back in Brissy...?!?

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