December 16, 2008

Flight Back on Air Asia

Just arrive back to Brisbane early this morning. Hubby and I took an overnight plane from SG via KL. Our journey to SG 2 weeks ago was fairly okay. However the return leg was not fantastic...

1) We had to pay for excess baggage. When we booked the KL-GC leg, we could select and pay for the baggage that we want to bring across. We booked for 25kg each worth of baggage, knowing that we will have many things to bring back. The KL-SG leg, however could only allow 15kg of baggage max and you cannot purchase more baggage except to pay for the excess baggage of S$7.50 per kg. As we packed 50kg worth of baggage and turn up to check in at SG airport, we were told that we have to pay for excess. In the end, we decide not bring over a box of belongings but will arrange for it to be sent over another time at S$4+ per kg.

2) At the KL LCCT (low cost carrier terminal), we waited ages at the immigration to get our passports stamped. After we finally went through the gates, we were one of the last few to obtain our baggages at the conveyer belt. At the belt, we realised that our largest suitcase was held up somewhere along the belt. 1-2 of the other suitcases have caused the others to get stuck along the moving belt. 1 guy (someone looking for his suitcase) attempted to resolve the stuck suitcases but couldn't do it. Hubby then went in to help. He even went behind the walls and disappeared into the back to try to sort out the stuck suitcases. During all this time, non of the ground airport crew helpe nor seemed to realise the problem. I informed the ground crew guy at the Lost and Found counter just beside our belt. He then came out to have a look but by then hubby has just resolved the problem. The suitcases then all got rolled out and hubby came out along on the conveyor belt too, only to realised that he cut his finger in the process. I can't believe that we had to sort out the conveyor belt problem ourselves and without any ground crew's help!

3) When we had to check in for our KL-GC flight, we took such a long time to find our counter... It was because there was no where that tells us which counter number we should check in. We finally found it when one of the security man asked us where we were flying to. (We almost got past this security guy without scanning our baggages... he was sleeping on his job and he didn't even realised I simply just walked past!)

4) Finally we were late for boarding. Our names got called up. After all the saga above, we were hungry and went for a bite before we boarded. When we presented our passport and boarding pass to board, the guy there scanned through my passport carefully looking at my photo, information, my Aussie visa and even took out his UV light to look through my passport. After wasting those time, we had to then walk 5 minutes on the tarmac to get onto our plane.

After all that, I still would like to praise Air Asia for their meals on board. The quality of the international and local food was really not too bad for a budget travel. Well, another thing that I was happy about was to be able to get a bottle of Cointreau liquor at GC airport for only A$29! The listed price was A$39 but I'm not sure why the price came down. Hmm, the Cointreau will come in handy when we make our turkey this Christmas... :)

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Anonymous said...

Great review, thanks for that. Always interested in the quality and service levels of air asia.

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