July 19, 2007

Heavy Rainstorm

Was awoken this morning by my mum to ask me to send her to work and send my dad to the mrt station. It was raining so heavily that my parents found it difficult to go to work... so I dragged myself out of bed and went to fetch the car. Oh my! The rain was so heavy, that the roads in my flat's vicinity were flooded!! I have not encountered this heavy rain for a long time!

I snapped a few pictures with my camera phone...

The multi purpose hall beside multi storey carpark. Drains were flooded that the overflow went into the hall. Note that dry patch? That's the center of the hall, waiting to be submerged by water.

Lobby of neighbouring flat. Waters creeping into the inside of the building.

The flooded roads, drains and grass. That was certainly more than ankle high if I were to stand on the road.

My crocs made it much easier for me to walk through the murky waters ;)

40 minutes later, the roads were cleared as the rain lightens! Singapore's water drainage system is good eh?

When I was driving back, the waters were as high as the road humps. I decided to park my car on the 2nd storey of the carpark, in case the waters slowly creep into the carpark. What a morning! And now I'm sleepy....

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